Velvet Assassin

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Velvet Assassin is a 3rd person shooter featuring intense combat action and guerrilla gameplay, coupled with extensive stealth elements and a challenging upgrade-system for your weapons and character. Players take on the role of MI6 agent Violette Summer. Alone and behind enemy lines, she infiltrates military installations, places explosive charges and takes out high-ranking enemies - silent and deadly. Her secret missions will take her to various hotspots of the war, such as France, Poland and of course Germany.


  • The ability to briefly stop time in-game via 'Morphine Mode,' which allows for easy dispatching of enemies or escape as needed.
  • A beautifully detailed and dreamily frightening vision of the the adventures of a female WWII undercover assassin based on the real-life experiences of Violette Szabo.
  • The ability to adjust heroine Violette's attributes to suit player preferences: Stealth, Strength and more through awards earned in-game.
  • Access to a large variety of weapons and stealth gadgets true to 1940's WWII technology.
  • Gameplay that is an incredible mix of assassination moves, satisfying firefights and hold-your-breath stealth action.

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