War Front: Turning Point

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What would happen if Hitler had been assassinated early on in WWII and the German war machine came under control of a new regime? Digital Reality and CDV aim to answer that question in War Front: Turning Point, bringing gamers an "alternate reality" real-time strategy game. Players will be exposed to a whole new WWII timeline, new battles and a variety of secret and experimental weapons. Eye-popping graphics and a refreshing plot will keep gamers pinned to their PCs as they attempt to alter or ensure the outcome of vastly different World War II.


  • Besides commanding their existing units, they have to care about reinforcements, resource management and researching new prototypes
  • Choose what missions to fight, what troops to use, and when to call in reinforcements
  • Completing objectives and capturing strategic locations such as train stations or airfields in each mission help you to win subsequent campaigns
  • Each mission has multiple primary and secondary objectives that are connected to other missions, providing almost limitless strategic choices

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