War on Terror

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At the dawn of the new century, peace is a forgotten relic of the past. Secret terrorist groups have united into a single deadly force and have launched lethal assaults in major metropolitan areas around the globe. Their agenda is unknown; their attacks are precise and deadly. Your task is to uncover their worldwide conspiracy and restore world peace!

War on Terror, a modern combat real-time strategy game with a strong focus on tactics using impressive 3D graphics, is set in a realistic scenario in the near future and deals with fighting terrorism. The player sees the unfolding story from the point of view of each of the three factions: the World Forces, the Chinese and the Order. Each time a mission objective is completed or enemy troops are taken out of action, the player receives the means to acquire new units. The aim is to free the world of terror. The player can play three campaigns with 60 different units and 70 skills. In 2006, terror is rising but nobody is aware of the real conspiracy behind it. Find out more in "War on Terror". Follow the embedded journalists on their way to disclose the secrets, and lead your troops in 21st century warfare.

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