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Wow, a little over six years, you say? Six-and-a-half-flipping years of developing Diablo III. Crikey. That’s a long time to do anything. And it’s here and, well, what about Diablo III took so long to make?

It sure as hell wasn’t the story or devotion to the setting established fourteen years ago. It’s just god-awful; it cripples the Diablo universe beyond repair. It’s kind of hilarious from just how outrageously bad it is.

There’s a singular desire within Diablo III’s narrative to constantly go big or go to hell. It is, after all, a conflict of epic proportions, an eternal war between Heaven and Hell, and you, the all-powerful chosen one, will save us all! There’s a forced gravitas in every aspect of the storytelling. The voice direction overacts to the point where no one seems to ever talk like any normal person would; everyone speaks in a Macbethian tone, as if every line was more world-shattering and game-changing than the last. It’s kind of funny, but if you’ve ever dug the sheer sinister evilness of Diablo and, to a lesser extent, Diablo II, it’s also just as sad to see how far Blizzard has fallen in creating atmosphere and telling a good story. Compare any cutscene from Diablo II to Diablo III‘s. It’s shocking just how tonally jarring the shift between to two games is.

Diablo 3 Review Screenshot 1  Diablo 3 Review Screenshot 2

“…it is far less interesting and far more generic.”


There’s no nuance; the plot reads like it was written for children; there’s no good characterization; and the only chunks of the game that seem to the written decently, dialogue for followers, just have no place in a world that was known for its sheer demonic filth. It has become high fantasy and it has lost all sense of its previous identity. As a result it is far less interesting and far more generic. This applies just as much to the game’s look as audio. Diablo III is a pretty game, but this stylized reality doesn’t lend itself to a gothic atmosphere at all. And while the sound design is fantastic with punchy, piercing sound effects and gross, mushy sounds of stuff dying, the music is far off base, going for the same go-for-broke attitude of the story. None of Matt Uelmen’s trademark percussion, atmospheric use of empty space, or bass lines from hell are here. Most of Diablo III‘s music doesn’t have a distinctive signature to it. It could be from any other game which employed a massive orchestra. Uelmen’s absence is missed.

Blizzard also does an excellent job of integrating their awful storytelling into gameplay; dialogue from idiotic demon lords and cheesy secondary do a great job of highlighting just how actively and egregiously bad it all is while you’re in the middle of the action, so all of Diablo III‘s storytelling failings are very, very hard to simply ignore. The lore also plays off like audio logs, as you pick them up, and they expand the world in ways that just make it far less interesting. Less is more. The less I know that the demon lords were just a bunch of quarreling and bickering politicians of Hell, the more I believe that they just are and are going to skin everything alive, because they’re just evil bastards like that.

For as much as Diablo was really just about intense mathematics, spreadsheets, gear checks, and finding your optimal solution to lay waste to all things, there’s always been a prevalent, defining atmosphere of grit and total despair. That’s just not there in Diablo III; not even a hint of it.

Depressing grievances aside, the killing-guys experience is primo stuff. Any single attack in the game hits with a fierceness that redefines the “A” in “ARPG.” Perhaps… mega-action would be more apt for Diablo III. The spick and span polish gone into this MARPG’s clickity-click-clickness is undeniable. Even destroying physical props, like tables and bookshelves, results in a stupid amount of catharsis.

Diablo 3 Review Screenshot 3 Diablo 3 Review Screenshot 4

The best part is there’s practically a kajillion ways to go from zero to kill. Skill points are completely abolished in favor of a skill/rune system with an infinite number of re-specs. Dozens of mega-action skills for any class are given modifiers to mega-action it up in vastly different ways. It’s not close to feeling balanced, as Blizzard has released ninja fixes to nerf some of the overpowered skills, but the game has a long ways to go before hitting upon solutions that will make all classes viable throughout the hardest difficulties. It’s a ballsy move on Blizzard’s part to do away with skill points entirely, and anyone saying Blizzard isn’t innovating with Diablo III is way off. There’s a massive amount of potential that can result in some incredibly unique builds. We’ve already seen some of that, like the ranged Barbarian build that has been able to combat the melee problem on the higher difficulties, and we’re not even a month into the game’s release.

An equally crazy decision was to get rid of being able to pump numbers into attributes manually, and the payoff here isn’t great. If anything, it’s a contributor to the second-most deeply problematic and flawed part of the game – the loot. The short of it is, loot isn’t interesting. It’s just okay. The only things caring about are if the gear affixes increases your class’ primary attribute and your health, and what kind of damage output it has. There’s nothing to it; if a piece of gear has higher numbers than the one you just had, you put it on. It’s like if every new tier of gun in Battlefield 3 was objectively better than the one before it. There’s nothing interesting, nothing to consider other than if it’ll make your numbers higher. New gear affixes start popping up after completing the game on normal, but with the game currently designed in a way that emphasizes damage output over all else, it’s something that needs a total redesign. There’s still a small spark, a little eye opener here and there, when the numbers you found are just that much higher than the ones you’d found before, but if I were a gambling addict, it wouldn’t be because of Diablo III.

What’s worse is how long it takes for any of these gameplay elements to even matter. With the game starting on Normal before letting you tackle the harder difficulties, this base difficulty is offensively easy. My first ten hours were literally spent with one hand on the mouse clicking for mega-action, and the other resting on the table so that it could support my head from collapsing onto my keyboard. It’s far, far too easy, and the mega-action can only carry the first ten hours so far. It’s not until Act III that the game starts pushing you around, daring you to play with just one hand and actually starts letting you use gems. That’s then whole hours into the game – just to drag some little gems into little sockets. It’s only by then does the richness of the combat begins to shine on through, and all your skills start going to work. Too much of Normal is boring, with the difficulty curve being so slight that the only times you die seem to be when either your internet or the servers short out of a random lag spike.

Diablo 3 Review Screenshot 5 Diablo 3 Review Screenshot 6

“…Blizzard’s online-only mandate has done very little to benefit me as a player.”


Oh, that. From a personal experience, Blizzard’s online-only mandate has done very little to benefit me as a player. Selling off a few items on the auction house has resulted in some pocket change and the idea of storing the game logic onto the cloud will prevent duping and hacking from crippling the game economy, but when I suddenly cut out from the game, it’s annoying because the implementation stops being transparent. When my Wi-Fi is being spread out all across the house, the game becomes unplayable. When I can’t just play and not consider the possibility of a disconnect or a sudden session of server maintenance, Blizzard’s saddled their own business problems on piracy and lack of control over their games and has made it our problems as well. That’s no good.

So probably the best way to live with the online requirement is to just constantly play other people online. The cooperative game ups the challenge quite a bit, and with four players on the same screen, that’s four times the mega-action, and you can never have enough mega-action, as the screen becomes littered with corpses, fire, arrows, plague-bearing frogs, and burly mountain men. It’s complete chaos and it’s these moments when the Diablo III’s problems just wash away, making their way out through my fingertips.

Knowing that Diablo III is going to have the backing of Blizzard’s dedicated post-release support puts the game in a great position to fully realize its enormous potential. The game we have now isn’t going to be the game we’re going to have by the end of the year. It’s a fun game that takes too long to get going anywhere, but its combat is so slick and refined that everything else around needs to step up to that level of quality. The universe of Diablo is most certainly destroyed, but the game is far from it.

Gameplay: 7

Graphics: 8

Sound: 7

Value: 8


31 Responses to Diablo III Review

  1. Jeff says:

    Agreed. I played through Diablo 3 once am it bored me so much I haven’t touched it since. Looking forward to another ARPG coming out soon-ish that I will not name to avoid a flame war.

  2. The Le says:

    Wow. Most reviews are giving the game rave reviews and only cite ‘connectivity’ as the flaw. I’m glad to see honest reviews like this one. many of my friends are getting downright bored with Diablo 3 because of the very reasons you mentioned — loot is boring, yet the ONLY thing you’re doing is looking for loot. Leveling up feels more like a time release than an accomplishment (since there are no rewards for leveling up anymore).

  3. Jon says:

    Jeff, the reviewer didn’t say or imply that he was bored of it, or that it was going to get boring at any point soon. In fact, the only people that might be flirting with boredom right now are the .4% of gamers that have beaten it on Inferno difficulty on Hardcore mode or something. If you’ve played it beyond normal difficulty, you know that the game has a lot to give, and the combat really doesn’t get old. It doesn’t get old, anyway, if you’re at all into number-crunching or into thinking about combat strategies and the like. Or like loot. Thinking about the best combinations of skills and specific rune choices are very in-depth and will continue to give you lots to think about and experiment with. Even moreso when playing with other players.

    I guess if you’re looking for a good story you’re NOT going to like Diablo 3 much. It isn’t scary or dark or anything.

    But the combat is what you stay for. The game mechanics are what make the game fun. I don’t really know about these other ARPG games much, so I can’t speak of them. But I love Diablo III.

    • blizzNorthFan says:

      Thinking about the best skill combinations? You can’t be playing the same game as me. What is there to think about? Have you beat normal mode yet?

      Here is how the build combos add up per difficulty.
      1. Normal
      The billions of build they told us we could make. All the build are considered “optimal” for this mode because it’s a starter stage.
      2. Nightmare
      Same as normal until you get to Act 3. This is where you start to get pigeon holed into a hand full of builds for your character to be considered optimal.
      3. Hell
      There are probably 3-4 builds per character at this point that you can use to clear Hell on Diablo 3.
      4. Inferno
      Close to the same as 3 but you better spend hundreds of millions of gold pieces to get past act 2.

      Not only, in Diablo 2, could you build many different types of “optimal” builds, once they added mercenaries and runewords the builds became damn near endless.

    • fragpack says:

      I will say that the combat is nice, and I somewhat like the new skill/rune system. But, the customization options is just far below what Diablo 2 offered. First of all, the stats system. Then there’s the loot. Like the review said, all you do is look for more dps, or more survivability from vit. This system feels downright dumb compared to Diablo 2 and it’s endless item combination possibilities. It’s just disappointing that they could use 6 years and develop such a dull item system.. I’m probably going back to D2 before long, or wait for Path of the Exile/Torchlight 2.

  4. J Bravo says:

    Decent review, not to long and addresses most things well. Though I would have shined a bit more of a critical light on two things.

    Giving it a “Graphics 8” score is being overly generous. The graphics style is decent but the graphics quality is honestly lacking to the point it is below par. Even comparing it to the 6 year old Titan Quest it doesn’t compare favourably. It may have a nice style but the fidelity, texture quality and graphics feature usage (such as shaders etc) are disappointing for a game today, it’s clear they’ve focused more on a making it playable on a wide range of older systems to reach a larger market without attention to making it look good on modern powerful computers, these two are not mutually exclusive. It should be lucky to a 6 maybe 7 for graphics.

    Also I think more focus on the frustrations, limitations and implications of not having any option that doesn’t require an internet connection is well warranted. This brings with it a very wide range of negatives from the obvious such as connection problems, costs, playability (due to the connection) being able to play it when/where you want like on holiday or on the road, or rather not being able to play it to other disappointing things such as the community not being able to do anything with the game, elaborating on this point would add quite a lot of things the game will never have thus lack.

    It’s seems Blizzard was blinded by what they thought was a potential for a cash cow from the franchise at a bad time with other similar games coming out some of which are even going with free to play.

    Also I don’t think it’s unreasonable to hold certain games to higher standards, to have certain expectations from an established franchise and studio. Just think if Crysis 3 had poor graphics how much that would affect it’s reception versus a poor story, when a franchise takes a turn for the worse when it comes to things it’s done well in the past, there’s nothing wrong with shining the light on it.

  5. andrew says:

    These complaints about DRM/always online etc.. are a form of politics invading the video game world that are incredibly divisive.

    This is the first time I’ve been on the other side of the fence and honestly you all sound like crybabies.

    This game deserves better than a 7 so given your bias I can’t see any reason to trust your judgement in the future.

    Websites like this depend on integrity above all else and this review has really disappointed me.

    • Nim says:

      Really? He cites several aspects in which he – justifiably so – find the product lacking, and gives an honest assessment of it. Of course it’s a subjective evaluation, all reviews are, and as such you may agree or disagree with him; regardless of personal bias, however, the review strikes a nerve poignantly that other review sites haven’t. There is a huge incongruency contemporarily between reviewers and consumers in the videogame industry; reviews like these are far more credible than, say, IGN, whose scores seem more determined by the financial pull of the publisher than the actual game itself.

      In my opinion the score 7 is even generous;

      * The story-line ranks amongst the worst storylines ever presented in a videogame. Literally, I have never in almost two decades of gaming experienced worse;
      – Magdha looks like the cheerleader of the Ooompaloompas in Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory and she continuously guides you in the right direction for some strange reason (Cartoon Network Villain-Syndrome?)
      – Belial, the Lord of Lies, cannot maintain an even remotely believeable deception.
      – Azmodan, “Greatest battlefield commander in Hell”, has a penchant for divulging tactical plans straight up to your face consistently. I guess that’s alright, he has to match his angelic equivalent Imperius, who seems hell-bent intent on not utilizing the tactical advantage of a nephalem fighting the good fight, instead opting to antagonize everyone just for the kicks of it.
      – speaking of Nephalem; aren’t humans (= Nephalem reawakened after the Worldstone’s destruction) supposed to be the products of angels AND demons? Why is it Tyrael becomes human (aka Nephalem) when he, in a fit of teenage-rage, casts himself out from heaven?
      – And the ‘unjustly slain dead’ of course rises up and starts rampaging through the countryside rather than, you know, actually haunt the people who unjustly slew them. Buuuut what do I know, I’m not an expert on the whole “justice saturation” thingymajiggle 😉
      – And then there’s the whole incessant use of McGuffin’s…

      Really, regarding the story you could literally write a 15-pages plus essay just describing plot-holes, incredibad storytelling and overuse of trite storymechanics.

      Then there’s the pretty stylised graphics which sadly doesn’t underline the overarching atmosphere (due to atmosphere lacking), the bland sounds lacking the soul of its predecessors… and more.

      Really, if anything the review on this site gives some much-needed credibility and integrity to review-sites, not the opposite.

    • Pewldo says:

      Why does it deserve better then 7? I mean you’ve just read a revieve that presents a lot of reasonable arguments to why this game lacks in a lot of different areas.

      And decides that the person who wrote it is a “crybaby”

      No one is crying over this game, some people(including myself) are just SO amazed at how bad most parts of this game is that we want to spend a short moment expressing it.
      Now ive been following different threads concerning this game, and everytime someone speaks up about the flaws, that person gets called a crybaby… why is that?
      Throwing out insults dosent make this game any better, arguments does, and you didnt present any at all.

  6. wayne says:

    To be fair Diablo games have always been about farming loot to help you farm loot faster

    Although the author is right in saying Diablo 3’s loot is not very interesting

  7. stick says:

    disclaimer: i’ve played only the beta.
    i also think that d3 lacks the “diablo” feeling of a grit world. eve-online is more diablo than d3 :p

  8. Davor says:

    I am an old D2 fan and I think this is a very well written critical and at the same time optimistic review.

    It certainly discusses things I wanted to know.

  9. Overcraft says:

    I agree with the score and I’m very happy that someone finally made ​​an honest review 😀

  10. BB says:

    IGN gave Diablo3 a … 95% score !

    This site’s rating is on the bottom of … 140 … official internet reviews…

    Incredible really how this guy didn’t even play beyond the beginning of the game.

    My bet is he didn’t do anything in the game. He doesn’t even know the richness of the dynamic skill and rune systems that obliterate those old dreadful liniair talent settings of old games.

    My advice: go read game sites like Eurogamer and IGN (those are the giants on the internet) to get a feeling about the actual gameplay.

    Like with a dancing/skate jury: the lowest and highest (100% scores) are always left out in the jury points.

    This site bottomed out for various reasons.

    Oh and one last remark “reviewer”. Just like any other on line game (like LOL, DOTA, any MMO etc, any browser game …) this game is ON LINE only because you trade with … 2.000.000 + players on one Auction House and find players on ONE global server.

    No sane person would design such an economy game with off line play and allowing the hackers to duplicate and destroy the game MINUS 10 days of launch.

    Even a child of 10 would understand that one.

    The servers are operational 98% of the time. There were even 2 deaths reported for playing Diablo 3 for 72 Hours non stop. Perhaps it would be wiser for Blizzard to only put up the servers for 10 hours a day following the faith of these sad hardcores.

    Hardcore… another game play mode you didn’t even mention… Go figure.

    • Bjorn says:

      Who cares about IGN? You really think that the bigger sites are more trustworthy than the smaller ones? You do realize that huge sites such as IGN have direct advertising deals and well established relationships with companies like Blizzard, right? In this case Chris didn’t even request review code. He purchased the game on his own… because he was interested.

      Let’s not forget that IGN is owned by News Corp, which should be enough for any intelligent gamer to turn elsewhere for review scores. CPUGamer is completely independent and we basically have no budget at this point thanks to the economy. We’re really writing about the games because we want to.

    • TheElf says:

      Compared to “small” site Amazon.com with 2.4/5 rating (less than 50%), metacritic user rating 4.0, absolute games 68%, Big Pond Game Arena 65% reviews, etc. I dare to say 70% ratings (there are a few) aren’t the lowest end of the spectrum for the game.

      You say Inferno will be fun? Who the fuck cares? If you aren’t a die hard fan of the franchise, you will get bored in normal, uninstall the game, and won’t see that. Reviews aren’t written for die hard fans who see the game through some rose colored glasses, but they are here to inform normal people. Normal people who will get bored of the game BEFORE they would see any challenge.

      Yet, they would see how bad the graphics is, they would see connectivity issues, they would see reports of hacking incident, where explanations by Blizzard doesn’t make sense (Blue posters outright lie).

      As you see more people drop the game and give it a low rating and less keep playing and supporting it with high ratings. So if you aren’t a die hard fan of the franchise and you try the game, there is a significant chance that you won’t see any fun before uninstalling the game. Why would you expect to see positive reviews then?

      Unlike you, the reviewer shown solid reasoning instead of getting personal. You had nothing to back up your argument except for lowly personal attacks.

      Hardcore: It is a game you shouldn’t mention, as you can die due to disconnects which include server side issues. Hardcore is only feasible if your survival depends on you and not on outside issues. It is one more thing that worked well in Diablo II but fails miserably in Diablo III.

  11. Doom says:

    Having played D3 through with all five classes, I’m leaning towards an 8 at best.

    Yes, the always online is annoying–D2 had the option for offline play, even if what you did there couldn’t be brought online (seems fair to me). I like owning my games, and D3 is just one more game I don’t really own. Still, I can suck it up.

    The leveling system, annoying at first, just gets more annoying. With each level I get five more skill/rune options, quite often not something I want to take. The new skills are seldom noticably more powerful or even interesting, than the old skills/runes. The game desperately needs a way to use multiple runes on a skill, or at least something to make the system more interesting. At least I can try to combine passive skills into something fun, but there’s not much else to do.

    In D2, I was motivated to make different characters of the same class…but in D3, there’s no reason at all to have more than 5 characters (but I’m glad Blizzard generously allowed me 10 character slots). I’m only going to play D3 five times…this immediately puts it way below D2, and I have to agree Titan Quest dominates this game when it comes to character development (if not graphics, which is still pretty solid at D3).

  12. Best Bloody Day says:

    Well, I agree with this revew. Good thing to see that not every gaming site is bought by Blizzard. In my opinion, Diablo 3 is worst than Sacred 1&2, Titan Quest, Path of Exile (from what I’ve seen) or the old Diablo 1&2.

    This game was created to catter to the casual public, which really acomplishes. This is a good game to begin with RPG, but gets boring fast IMO. The lack of customization and depth makes it hard to play more than 30 or 40 hours.

  13. wallyver says:

    I have 1 character, a lvl 41 wizard.. I stopped playing because it was boring and unrewarding to waste time to. Unlike in D2 where I got addicted real bad coz it was as rewarding as it was time consuming. D3 just feels like a game that you play without passion or excitement. The loots are stupid, and all you do is go to the auction house to buy better gear. Where is the fun in that? Farm gold, buy at AH, level, sell gear, farm, buy better gear.. repeat.. I can make it to lvl 60 but i choose not to.. Coz I have better games to play than this overly hyped mediocre game. This should be named with a different title, not worthy of the name Diablo. Torchlight 2, where art thou?

  14. Yo_Mero says:

    I think this review is pretty accurate and i agree with what’s exposed and the way it is exposed. I, for one, am pretty happy to see a reviewer actually behaving with some kind of objectiveness about the game (i also recommend the one on gamebanshee, pretty good too). Congratulations to Chris.

    What made me write this comment was the person who said “IGN gave it 95%”. Just let me laugh a little. That was the most biased, “sell-out”, disgusting, flat-out fanboy written review. He didn’t even mention the online-only DRM/”feature” (when asked about his omission he just answered “it didn’t bother me”). This review here was clear, pointed out the flaws of the game BUT didn’t discard the good of it (gameplay, and i cite: “The universe of Diablo is most certainly destroyed, but the game is far from it”. Anyway, a good review, one of the most objective i’ve read on the subject.

    PS. I’d like to recommend you to read “brother laz thoughts on diablo 3’s legendaries” (or something like that, it´s quite good too)

  15. Mark says:

    Sound = 7.


    This is why I hate these stupid “broke-down” review scores. You are certainly not qualified to analyze each individual aspect on their own merits, and the sum of these scores are certainly not going to represent the overall quality of the game, so why bother?

    You should just go ahead and give the whole game “7” instead of this silly broke-down score. The sound design is one of the best in the industry and you gave it a “7” just to keep it in line with your overall opinion of the game.

  16. DaciMVRL says:

    you seriously gave Diablo 3’s sound a 7….

    You pbly listen with Beats by Dr.Dre then…

  17. DiabloFAN says:

    This game is a horribly streamlined version of Diablo 2 with even less content, graphics comparable to a 2004 release, a cash shop which will cause the highest bidders to be the most powerful easy, $60 price tag despite being on PC and a ton of other things which make this just a horrible cash in on a classic title, just stick to Diablo 1-2 or any of the other clones out on the market.

  18. Brian says:

    Yup. That’s pretty much it in a nutshell. It’s a fun game, but it’s really only “Diablo” in name. I almost failed out of highschool because of Diablo II. I may only postpone a few emails because of Diablo III.

  19. Brett says:

    I ended up here because I went looking for a “bad” review. The writing style of this review makes it hard to read, but I’m glad someone feels the same as me. However, I’d rate it even lower.

    I’ve been forcing myself to play this game each night for the last week, but after an hour I have trouble staying awake. So for now, I’m shelving it until I can try multiplayer with my friend.

  20. fragpack says:

    First honest review I’ve seen of this game. It’s hard to understand how Diablo 3 have gotten so many top scores, given the poor implementation of difficulty, itemization problems, and the worst storyline of all time. Which is all brought up by this reviewer. Obviously, some people are going to like the game, and others will hate it. That’s the way with all games, but noone sane can really claim that the story is good, that the itemization isn’t dull, or that the difficulty curve is pretty skewed. And with that in mind, it’s just frightening really that the metascore is 88.. Good review!

  21. eR says:

    I agree with the review here, but fail to understand the score ? I’d like to point out the gameplay has a huge catch 22 deliberately written into the higher levels. You can’t find items you need to survive. That asied going by your review I’d still only score it a 5 out of 10. So this 7 is a mystery even though you have picked up on most of its flaws.

  22. Papa says:

    I thought I would jump in because most with comments seem to have played the game for a only couple of hours to pass judgement. Everyone has their opinion of the game and I am not telling anyone they are right or wrong. It doesn’t matter. If you like the game, play it. What hooks you is the unmatched gameplay. If Diablo 3 didn’t change a thing from D2 everyone would be bitching about that instead. Diablo never had a story. It is still the exact same stuff with the same voice overs. I’m not sure why people were expecting this to change all of a sudden. Was there a rumor that Chris Nolan was doing the writing? The online only is definitely the black eye in all of this. Not pleased about that but it has not done anything detrimental to me yet. I do have a big problem with any game having an auction house (especially real money. Seriously?? That is not gonna end well at all). Let’s play games people not spend $60 to bid on crap! Go find the loot yourself or it would be absolutely no fun at all.

    I don’t know why people have set such high hope for Torchlight 2. I can appreciate the competition but seriously anyone that has played each franchise knows it is not even close and Torchlight graphics look designed for children ages 8 and under. I just feel cooler without a pet cat ya know? I honestly hope TL2 comes through but I wouldn’t count on it. If TL2 had Blizzards name on it, people would go absolutely crazy about how much worse things are. Even the ‘big review sites’ would be giving it a 6. Now they act like it will be what D3 was ‘supposed’ to be. Hilarious.

    Bottom line: If you enjoyed the core gameplay with previous Diablo games you will not be disappointed. If it was never your thing to just click click click then this will certainly not do anything to change your mind. The game is not at 10 and this is a mostly fair review(except he somehow thinks there used to be a great story) if he played through more than once. I would give it an 8-8.5 because I know everyone was dying to know what I would rate the game. Thanks for reading.

  23. Rastan999 says:

    Great review! I am very disapointed by the game. It lacks the atmosphere of the first Diablo, there is no mystery, everything is straight forward and very easy in the first act. Beating Leoric was super easy and the butcher of the first Diablo was much tougher. I really had to think on a tactic to beat him. Here I just kept dodging, running and striking. The chararcters are not interesting at all and unlike in a great game like Baldur’s gate (highly inspired by Diablo) talking to the characters has no influence on the game. Baldur’s was a great evolution of the Diablo like games and set-up new standards. This Diablo 3 is going backward in terms of skill management and scenarios. Weapon and armors management was a great part of the game and that is totally lost in D3. It has actually become boring.

  24. ReaM says:


    i have two lvl 60, monk with 50k dps (very rare and needs good items).

    The game sucks :/ I don’t enjoy it at all. Stupid farming of the same monsters.
    I haven’t played in a week. I bet PVP will suck as it is not competitive as Blizzard stated.

    I remember 2004 when World of Warcraft came out. I was so excited to play it, I was stunned by the open world and all the innovations Blizzard took.
    But Diablo 3 seems like some cheap unfinished, short and boring game with absolutely no surprises, no fun to play it and no skill required to do stuff. Gear factor is huge. World of Warcraft has low gear dependancy and good old Quake and counter stike and warcraft 3 have absolutely zero gear dependancy. Diablo is a gear game. You spend all your time in auction house, because grinding makes little sense. It’s no fun to spent your gaming time on a freaking ebay like thing.

  25. dwayne stephenson says:

    Agree. I was especially trying to put my finger on the difference in tone between D3 and its predecessors, and maybe grit is close. I remember how excited I was to get on and play the original Diablo-in a room at night with the lights off, killing demons and undead in dungeons where I could only see as far as my light radius. D2 wasn’t quite as gritty, but it made up for the difference with better mobility and more sophisticated game play. D3 feels like a cartoon version of its predecessors, made for eight year olds to play. It seems like the game was especially designed for multiplayer mode, but I’ve never cared about playing it that way-maybe the A is good, but the RPG part just disappoints.

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