Forsaken World Review

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Forsaken World is a pair of really comfortable socks wrapped in a really pretty box, that box that really sturdy and easy to openAt its core, it’s something familiar – socks, maybe, or a just a run-of-the-mill quest grindThe packaging, the stuff around it, is so damned appealing, that you can't help but think that maybe there's some more to be found in it than just warm feet and less stinky shoes.

These socks are free, tooIn the past, it was common to dismiss free-to-play games as second-rate, ugly affairs; if Lord of the Rings Online didn't kill that sentiment, Forsaken World shouldThis thing is polished and smooth; it runs without a hitchThe cash shop looms over it like a dark cloud, of course, but it is more than possible to enjoy the game without paying a dime“Pay to win” is not something you'll have to deal with here.


The first thing that jumps out about this game, the one that really hooked me in, is the graphicsThey're not state-of-the-art, and they won't knock anybody out with their texture resolutionsThey may not be cutting-edge, but they are gorgeousIt is a bright, water-colored world – and what a world it is!  Most of the joy in this game comes from simply seeing what area the developers will have you running about next; right from the get-go, the world is entrancing and invigoratingThe world design, truly, is inspired – and the resulting rich world permeates and enriches the entire experience

Another thing Forsaken World has going for it – and this is almost meta, so excuse me if this is a little nebulous for a game review – is that a ton of people play itYou spend the first ten or so levels working towards the metropolis known as Freedom Harbor –  this “working towards your first big city” trope is pretty common in MMORPGs, and a lot of times getting there is sort of underwhelmingIn Forsaken World's case, it is an awesome experienceOn my Stoneman's long march from his cave-of-birth to the city, I only really saw characters that look like me, or just the occasional nondescript Dwarf or KindredUpon arrival to Freedom Harbor though, I was bombarded with a whole plethora of characters and quests and systems – it really felt immersive; like I'd just wandered out of the backwoods.


Actually, it might have been a little too immersive – I felt overwhelmed.  Forsaken World boasts a relatively small number of classes and races, but it more than makes up for it with all the other system under its hoodCrafting, instances, guilds, and player-versus-player all feel fully fleshed outThe pet system is equally robustAll these extraneous systems can be a little hard to get a full understanding of – there's a lack of documentation, and some spotty translation doesn't help – but they're certainly a lot more than just fillerThe game's primary leveling curve might pretty redundant, just quest after quest, but there's enough going on elsewhere to stave off burn-outYou can even go to the carnival!

All these bells and whistles don't entirely make up for the fact that the game's core – the leveling grind – is lackingYou'll spend most of your ascent to the higher levels running from quest giver to quest giver, although the quests do have a certain amount of creativity to them; they're not all of the “kill ten rats” varietyThe grind's slow, systematic pain is lessened a little, as I said before, by the pure beauty of the worldKilling ten rats or killing One Big Rat can stay interesting a little longer. if there's a giant canyon of sparkling river to ogle.


"…there's always something new and different to do…"

It becomes obvious, as you progress, that the developers crammed a bunch of fun distractions in because the core of the game is sort of boringThe combat system is adequate, and some classes – especially Bard, with its inspired Chord system – have interesting quirks, but it isn't something that screams, “Play me!”.  The extra systems help to keep you interested, and there's always something new and different to do, whether it be a raid for better gear or praying for an experience boostThe guild system, likewise, is a big draw, but unfortunately my relatively short time with the game didn't afford me a chance to dig too much into thatI do know, however, that you can eventually get a giant floating moon-like guild baseRegardless, all these hatching pets and crafting crafters don't completely atone for the sins of the bland combat and grindOne wonders if the developers should have cut some of the extra stuff and focused on refining and diversifying the core game.

I haven't yet touched on what are usually two of my favorite aspects: sound and storyThe reason is simple: they are simply “there.  The story is muddled and hard to follow – a problem compounded by both a lack of attention and some shoddy translationThe things quest-givers say to you border between surreal and hysterical – but they're never very compellingThe sound is the same way – it certainly isn't ugly, but I won't be humming any of itThe sound is the real shame: the game produces some striking vistas, and having a powerful score to accompany them would only make things betterThe story has plenty of room to benefit and further enrich the setting – and it very well may – but the localization leaves it too goofy to be of any real consequence.


Overall, I found Forsaken World to be an excellent game – the fact that it was released as a free-to-play game only serves to show us how much clout that model holds nowThis is an AAA title, a big gun; it goes up against recent hits like Rift and holds its ownIn many ways, in fact, Forsaken World's beautiful environments and distinctive art style give it a leg up on many of the games coming out nowadaysIt has the systems and polish to back up the good looks – it has grind, sure, and that's boring, but truthfully it comes with the territoryWhat we as gamers need to look for is not grind or a lack thereof – it's uniqueness and well-crafted, inspiring worlds; robust systems and easy access to them

The grind, then, perhaps, is a necessary evil at this point in the MMORPG timeline – one day, maybe developers will eradicate grind and make everything really fun and excitingOr maybe notEither way, games like Forsaken World will be around with their pretty pictures and never-ending distractionsIt gives players a vivid world that teems with both players and NPCs – it will suck you in and make you feel like you're part of it, even if only in fleeting momentsSometimes, that's all that matters – and maybe a nice pair of socks, too.

Gameplay: 7

Graphics: 9

Sound: 7

Value: 8


22 Responses to Forsaken World Review

  1. Skullivan Bonez says:

    I’ve played this game for a short while with my friends, getting more and more of them to let go of the clutches of WoW for something free and just as good in my opinion. I only wish i had more free time to actually play it lol

  2. Overated says:

    Overated in all fields

  3. Gram says:

    I’ve been playing this game for a while now, and I find that as I level up there is a lot more things on offer. This may change later on, but for now it seems that by the time I begin to get bored with a particular aspect of the game, something new is opened up to me to keep my interest. And nobody can deny it it all looks so damn pretty!

  4. EliteKitten says:

    this game is fun when u play it the first time and up to lvl 40 – 50 then it starts to become a real grind fest

  5. Amy says:

    grind?? r u kidding me? where did u see ppl grinding in FO?
    u only do instances and daily quests to lvl up

  6. lol says:

    give this game a miss, there are better games out there.

    everyday you will be doing the same stuff known as “dailies” quest.
    you will need to do them else you get no exp.

    so just imagine, going to the same npc called henry everyday doing the same random tasks everyday.

    going to the SAME instances, everyday and only limited to 3 times a day for each instance.

    your leveling is limited to the number of quests/instances you can do.
    so if you got a ton of time (etc 12hrs) on your hands, you will find that you are out of quests and leveling becomes impossible.

    because killing a mob only gives you like 100 exp, when you need 2 million exp to level. thus mob grinding is out of the question.

  7. Ashron says:

    ok, i get how people can have problems with the game, but dont just tell us there are better games. If you know them list them and tell us why.

  8. ua_aaa2003 says:

    Played it for a few days now and I must admit, I am impressed. At first, it seemed like many of contexts were misquoted or loss during translation but as you get deeper into it, the texts (jobs, tasks & quests) make sense.

    People will downgrade it being a carbon copy of or not as good as WoW but the fact that its FREE to play negates its comparison. WoW is still the best and for good reason because of its premium fee per month (while FW is pretty god and no monthly subscription).

    If you have the system for it (doesn’t really ask much) try it. Its free =)

  9. Arby says:

    This game is marketed as a free to play and ok so it is free to play. That however is where the ‘free’ bit ends. The game owners are some of the greediest game makers i have seen. To play this game successfully you will have to spend many many hundreds of dollars. The job system is very narrow the quest chain non existent after lvl 53. Maps are very small and the range of monsters to fight equally small. There is a very limited number of instances to do and they are limited from 1 to a max of 5 times a day you can do them. Mostly it is a log on and do lots and lots of boring daily quests. Compared to any subscription based game this game is an epic fail and many times more expensive than any subscription based game i have played.

  10. yer says:

    but guildwars then, the trilogy is 29.99 on steam and free online play for life.

    looks good for free, mind you anything has gotta be better than wow. WAY too little for what you pay per month.

  11. lol says:

    OK so, how can it be many times more expensive when its FREE TO PLAY -___-“”

  12. 15yearmmorpggamer says:

    This game is total, total, total garbage, one of the clunkiest, worst and ugliest mmos i’ve ever played. I’m still in actual shock, this is not worthy of anyones time, go and play Everquest 2 Free-2-play or something instead.

  13. Saex Conroy says:

    i couldnt play this game more than a few weeks, im coming from WoW and WoW is the best MMORPG, i dont see how anyone who has played WoW can then play FW and be content with it, i cant, FW lacks so much that i want to see in a MMORPG:

    1) the PvE is simply a grind, so basic that no matter what reviewers and trailers say about “how the game was designed to appeal the Western audience” .. its just a Chinese game that has a little bit more work done on it

    2) the PvP is Stand-Still-Spam-Skill – you are not required to move around, maneuver, try to go behind your opponent in order to prevent him from casting a spell or using a skill… simply because the game has Auto-Targeting and this completely removes whats left of the point of having WSAD movement, which sucks anyway, you cant just move and steer with just the mouse, like in WoW

    3) quests, as part of the PvE are blatantly plain, no matter what the reviewer says, the game is just another free-to-play MMO coming straight from Asia, which has shown over the years to be nothing special, more like a bad thing, just because the developers or whoever manages the development never learn from their mistakes and just redo the same old crappy games with new graphics, no one is even trying to come up with something original regarding gameplay

    4) wearing new items doesnt make you feel stronger, because every mob dies in 1-2 hits, items are class-locked and there is just a small assortment of them, you stick with sets you easily buy in the early 12lvl-15lvl in the game

    so if you are considering playing the game, seeing that fake 8.0/10 grade, being intrigued by the shiny graphics and the hi-rez textures, which WoW doesnt even have (just because its from 2005 and its still No. 1)

    just stay away from this game, its a waste of time, getting to 20lvl is easy, but then you go to Sea of Oblivion – an endless desert inspired by Egyptian mythology and stuff… where Oblivion is waiting to come and get you.. because it takes so much to clear it out.. i never did its a zone from 20lvl to 40lvl and its painfully slow, boring and many more

    like in all f2p Asian games mobs of one kind are just in one place, like they have purposely set themselves to be like that, you have autopahting quest indications, which kills the rest of what could be called fun in questing – trying to find stuff by the little info given

    so i reached 39lvl and was about to leave Sea of Oblivion.. for probably something worse when they announced a PvP server Nyos in EU, and i went for it hoping the game to be fun with PvP everywhere.. well, its not, first off, PvP sucks, no skill is required for it, you just cant feel it

    now, if youve read this far, ill tell you the only descent thing in the game – the professions, they are probably as close as the ones in WoW according to practice, so even if practicing professions inst a whole aspect of the game that you can only stick to, its a thing to start with, making yourself believe the game is actually good, which yours to decide, for me its bad, boring and it sucks

    in case you havent played WoW till now, just because its pay-to-play and you cant afford paying every month, well i cant afford it either, but ive been playing it since 2007.. on private servers .. there are plenty, but im not telling you any, because private server promoting is against the rules in almost every legit community … so if youre interested in WoW private servers.. go find them yourselves, they are just around the corner

  14. The savior says:

    Everyone calm down…Dragon’s Nest comes out July 26th 😀

  15. AishiCc says:

    I am WoW player, an Altohalic even, but while I may perfer WoW I do not hate this game. Yes the fact I cannot angle my camera or move around as easily are annyonces, if you come from WoW or a F2P like it you’ll notice. Auto path is a wonderful thing since getting around any other way can be a pain, wish WoW had something like this besides flight paths. You will also note some of the monsters make the same noises as WoW, listen to the zombies in the Kindred starting zone for an example of this. I would not buy more then $10 dollars worth of anything from the Cash Shop, PW has a larger one.

    While a fun way to kill a few hours WoW has achivment reward mounts I get to keep, only mounts and pets bought from the store cost me money, and Druids ftw, yes my main is a NE Boomkin. While Cat has not been Blizz’s best work they will keep geting my $15 a month as long as all my friends can be found there. If you like PW then give this a go, if you hated it…try a Vamp.

  16. Bassa says:

    I am downlaoding this as we speak and it looks great. I have seen some great reviews and for a free game it is probably better than Wow.

  17. fire_munky says:

    Ok, I’ve read the comments above so thought I’d interject my own rant.

    No MMORPG will ever beat the good old days of Ultima Online T2A/Ren era & that’s final. No level grinding to hit L99 etc pfft…

    Forsaken World is great for what it is ‘FREE’. It does have that annoying ‘pay to get funky stuff off the item mall’ thing going on, but fortunately in the grand scheme of things it isn’t required. You can get by just as easily not paying a single penny/cent/whatever currency you work in.
    Forsaken World looks pretty, it’s easy to play, questing is mostly a no brainer with auto find facility to take you to exactly where you need to go. Granted, if you bother to actually read every word of the story or quest lines then it does have holes in translation. But what the hell, how many people really read all that gumpff anyhow??

    Now I’ve heard people moaning about the instances… yes you can only do some of them between 1-5 times per day or some on only certain days of the week, but not all of us spend 18 hours a day playing an MMO due to the fact we either have work, commitments or more importantly ‘a life’. So don’t let those comments put you off unless you’re a 16 year old fat kid who never leaves his computer for fear that they might lose some weight.

    There’s plenty to keep you entertained here and you have to understand it is still only in open beta. The world isn’t huge yet but looking at the map there’s plenty of room for expansion in the future. The player base is very good, the world is well polished & even if you have a crap PC then most likely you won’t have too many issues running it. I can honestly say that even with every graphic feature set to max I haven’t had a single issue with it.

    All in all, I’d say if you’re even slightly dubious, download it and play it for a week or two. It’s FREE so what do you have to lose?

  18. ex-wower says:

    This game is over-all worse than WoW.
    Even thought WoW is getting steadily worse. And I cancelled my subscription which I had since 2004, when Cata came out.

    In my opinion, it is an improvement over PW, and worth my download. What Saex Conroy said applies, and indeed this game has those deficits. However, it also has a beautiful world and it is ~free~ – it’ll entertain you.

    Will I be playing this for more than a month? Probably not. But it’s the best I’ve found so far in my doomed search for a game to replace the jewel that WoW once was.

  19. bill says:

    To LOL.

    Man if you’re playing a game for 12 hours straight, you have a lot more problems than just running out of quests.

  20. Stryfe says:

    So what is a good game to play? The quest thing turned me off on this game. I thought about downloading it. Glad I read some real player reviews and not some payed by Forsaken World reviewer.

    I like to grind more then I like to do quest but I like doing both if that makes any sense. Some days I might just feel like killing, others I might want to do quest.

    I downloaded and started playing Champions Online and it’s not what I thought it was going to be. I thought it was going to be a button masher type but I have to click icons to attack instead of hitting a punch or kick or shoot button over and over. It still looks like a good game. It’s theme is super heroes. You create your own and save a city. Reviews say it’s a really good game, just lacking in content.

  21. E says:

    Hmm, let’s see here.
    I’m a frequent wow player and believe that while that game is excellent, it will after awhile bore you(or at least it does for me). It’s just sort of the same thing over and over again;
    Ohmigod the worlds in trouble by some evil force who wants to take over for no adequately-explored reason! YOU, the hero, must saves us(among the thousands of others who are also savings us). Once main baddie has been killed, create new one, design new zone/world/redesign, wash, cycle and repeat.
    So that once again led me on the hunt for an mmo that could maybe replace wow(or at least restore my passion for it), so here I am. I’ve done/am doing my research. I’ve been on the official site and have been hunting the internet for reviews and opinions. I’ve played PW, which is pretty fun at first, but as with other asian games I’ve played get unbearably boring after a while. Everything was fine and dandy until I hit lvl20 where one could supposedly do dungeons. As a major dungeon buff, I was horribly disappointed by how fuckin’ difficult it was just to try and get into a group. Now, with this game taking leaves out of renowned games'(Runes of Magic, Aion, (and of course)WoW) books and aiming for westerners, I have a few hopes for this game. I’m praying that first and foremost the dungeon system is something remotely enjoyable. I can live with grinding and blandness, just so long as I get to feel special from killing a famous baddie with my posse.
    I’ve been reading the above comments, and I believe the game is at least worth a try. Any improvements to PW, is an improvement indeed.

  22. Jonnypitiful says:

    Horrible game, not worth the download.

    Constant crashing for over a year. Load crashing ruins your daily instance runs such as GT and GL. Also ruins arena score. Known issue, has never been fixed.

    Auction house search crash. Known issue, has never been fixed.

    Why worry about botting? When it’s built into the game. No really, you can bot in this game, and its perfectly ok to run multiple clients and do so. Horrible idea.

    Cash shoppers are much more powerful. You can “farm” gems and gold to upgrade for years.. or just spend $1000-$5000 and destroy everyone.

    No level limit on armor quality, fortify level, or gem strength makes lower level pvp a cash shopper only arena.

    Rift is the same allowing only major cash shopped guilds to bid. Very poor balance.

    12v12 is the only random team pvp, but the rewards take months if not a year for War God set. Most of the time its filled with cash shoppers that make it very unfair and annoying.

    Wrath is annoying during pvp and forces you to collect yellow balls like you’re playing Pacman mid duels and fights.

    PvE is repetitive and very boring. Same quest every day. Very slow, boring and I found myself falling asleep and botting everything.

    Game has less and less players

    The skills are allll the same on every type of talent tree. Example, Ice Mage, Fire Mage, Wind Mage all use the same basic skills.

    Graphics are decent, but the game is CPU heavy (core [email protected]) and doesnt even warm my gtx 560ti. If you max graphics you crash everyone other screen. If you lower them, you crash less often, but still experience frame skip and need to reload client to refresh corrupted data.

    Tech support is the worst ever. The community is foul, unpleasant and childish.

    I have played Ferentus, Dialbo series, Guild Wars, and many MMO’s. This is by far the most cash hungry company that I have ever seen and suggest to check the BBB rating of F before ever spending a dime of giving them any of your time.

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