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A new patch for Awesomenauts was released today, which includes various tweaks, fixes, and a new Creeper Clunk skin with the cooperation of Mojang. “The bane of Minecraft players everywhere, the Creeper, made his way into Awesomenauts! The Creeper is […] Continue Reading »


Ronimo Games today announced the release of the version 1.5 patch for Awesomenauts, adding DLC skins for all characters. “The characters of the multiplayer shooter Awesomenauts have always looked pretty fine, but as of today they can get totally fabulous! […] Continue Reading »


Ronimo Games today announced the launch of Awesomenauts, an action platformer game,  on Steam. “The game boasts 8 powerful characters vying for cosmic dominance in a Multiplayer Online Battle Arena. For example, Froggy G the hiphop frog deals deadly water […] Continue Reading »