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1C Company today announced that the second multiplayer DLC for Men of War: Assault Squad, MP Supply Pack Bravo, is now available exclusively through Steam. "MP Supply Pack Bravo features 5 new competitive multiplayer maps for various numbers of players. […] Continue Reading »


Assault Squad seems to be more balanced than the last expansion to Men of War, but it really isn't. Red Tide focused exclusively on a single (very good) single-player campaign in a very specific historical setting. There was no multiplayer, not much in the way of new sides (finally, we can play as the Romanians), and not even a lot of hardware, aside from some clunky boats and a few new tank derivatives. Assault Squad goes off in the exact opposite direction: multiplayer steals the show this time. Continue Reading »


1C Company announced that "Men of War: Assault Squad" has been shipped and is now available through digital distribution portals and at retail outlets. "Men of War: Assault Squad features a completely new cooperative skirmish game mode with access to […] Continue Reading »


1C Company today released the official "Men of War: Assault Squad" demo, giving players a chance to try out the upcoming RTS. "The demo features the first level putting players in the heat of the Pacific War, and once they […] Continue Reading »


1C Company today announced "Men of War: Assault Squad", an upcoming stand-alone expansion that features a new co-op skirmish mode, which is scheduled to be released in Q3 of this year. "The expansion pack will deliver fans and newcomers an […] Continue Reading »


Here's something staggering: a game about the second World War, localized into English, that doesn't even pretend to appeal to a western audience by detailing the campaigns of western armies. Here's something even more staggering: a game about amphibious operations […] Continue Reading »


1C Company has released a new patch for "Men of War", updating the RTS game by Best Way and Digital Mindsoft with two new multiplayer maps and several fixes. This patch contains multiple performance enhancements and fixes as well as […] Continue Reading »


GamersGate today announced that "Men of War" is now exclusively for sale on its digital distribution website. "Men of War takes place in Europe and North Africa during the height of World War II, the story unfolding across three different […] Continue Reading »


Digitalmindsoft has announced an open beta for "Men of War", the upcoming real-time strategy game, which is hosted on FilePlanet. "By registering at, users can then download the beta and get unrivalled access to the World War II real-time […] Continue Reading »


1C Company announced the launch of the "Men of War" website, the upcoming real-time strategy game that’s scheduled to be released in Q2 of this year. "The site – – contains a wealth of information about the title, which […] Continue Reading »


The Digitalmindsoft website has been updated with a new "Men of War" developer diary and new screenshots. "It passed some time since we posted our last news, however this is not bad at all, since it was mainly caused by […] Continue Reading »