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Perfect World Entertainment today announced the launch of the "Chains of Kluer" content update for its MMORPG Forsaken World. "Players who bring down the legendary ogre Kluer will be automatically be entered for a chance to win a statue of […] Continue Reading »


Activision today announced the release of "Annihilation" for "Call of Duty: Black Ops", the third DLC pack for the FPS sequel by Treyarch. "Fans have logged billions of hours in Call of Duty: Black Ops since its record-setting debut in […] Continue Reading »


CD Projekt Red today released the version 1.3 update for "The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings", which includes the free "A Slackful of Fluff" DLC. "The update includes a plethora of fan-requested improvements, including difficulty adjustments for the game’s Prologue, […] Continue Reading »


Perfect World Entertainment today announced "Chains of Kluer", an upcoming content updates for "Forsaken World". "Once a celebrated hero of Eyrda, Kluer now resides beneath Freedom Harbor as a long forgotten prisoner. A spell that wiped Kluer's memory and stole […] Continue Reading »


Activision today announced "Call of Duty: Black Ops Annihilation", the third content pack for the FPS that will launch first for Xbox LIVE customers on June 28. No release date for the PC or PS3 version has been announced yet. […] Continue Reading »


SEGA today announced the release of the "Ikko Ikki Clan" content pack for "Shogun 2: Total War", which is available via Steam. "The Ikko Ikki Clan pack unlocks the iconic Buddhist rebel faction for single and multiplayer campaign modes as […] Continue Reading »


gamingo today announced that the monthly update for "Black Prophecy" has been released, which adds 10 news missions, among other things, to the MMO by Reakktor. "It contains a number of new missions as well as improvements to clans and […] Continue Reading »


Perfect World Entertainment updated the "Forsaken World" website with details on the upcoming "Gaze of Larex" content update. In addition, a CG trailer for "Forsaken World" was released. "The Gaze of Larex content update is nearly here!  Including a new […] Continue Reading »


Tripwire Interactive and the "Darkest Hour" development team have released a large update for the "Darkest Hour" mod, which is available to download free from Steam for "Red Orchestra: Ostfront 41-45" owners. "This content update features 2 new weapons, 6 […] Continue Reading »


Trion Worlds today announced that "Rift: The Spoils of War", the second content update for the recently released MMORPG, will be released next Tuesday, May 10. "In advance of Rift 1.2, Trion is kicking things off today with the Spoils […] Continue Reading »


The LEGO Group today announced that a huge content pack for "LEGO Univerise" will be released next week, adding a cooperative building challenge, a racetrack with vehicles, bigger Property worlds, new models, new missions, and more. "It takes a village… […] Continue Reading »


Visceral Games today announced "Dead Space 2: Severed", the first DLC pack for "Dead Space 2" that will be released on March 1. "Dead Space 2: Severed extends the Dead Space 2 story with the addition of two stand-alone single-player […] Continue Reading »


Nexon America today announced that the Blood Lord, aka The Nightmare of Ainle, will be invading "Vindicuts" beginning January 19. "The Blood Lord is the most challenging raid boss to come to Vindictus so far. Up to six mercenaries can […] Continue Reading »


2K Games today announced the next DLC pack for "Civilization V" titled "Mongols Civilization and Scenario Pack", which will be released on October 25. In addition, players will also be able to purchase the "Babylonian Civilization Pack" that came with […] Continue Reading »


Paradox and NeoCore games today released a free "Allies" DLC pack for "Lionheart: Kings' Crusdae", which will be available to all customers who purchase the game before October 17. The DLC is available via the major digital distribution portals. "You […] Continue Reading »