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Valve today announced the start of The Autumn Sale, which will run through the 26th. “Today’s Daily Deals Include: XCOM: Enemy Unknown Magic: The Gathering The Walking Dead Darksiders II Age of Empires III Complete Terraria Please note that new […] Continue Reading »


Valve today announced that the target date for the next set of titles to launch via Steam Greenlight will be November 30th. “Given current voting, at least 10 more game titles are expected to be offered worldwide distribution agreements via […] Continue Reading »


The Entertainment Software Rating Board (ESRB) today announced a new free service for rating all digital distribution games. “ESRB’s new “Digital Rating Service” utilizes a brief but detailed online questionnaire to assess not only a product’s content and age-appropriateness, but […] Continue Reading » today announced the addition of Mac games to its online storefront, including The Witcher 2 among several other titles. In addition, Interplay games are on sale where customers can pay what they want. “Users of Apple computers will receive […] Continue Reading »


Valve today announced that Steam Greenlight has been updated with new Software and Concept categories. “Software in Steam Greenlight will work just like games, where we are looking to the community to provide data on what they would like to […] Continue Reading »


Valve today announced the release of the first software titles available via Steam. “The Software titles now available via Steam are: ArtRage Studio Pro CameraBag 2 GameMaker: Studio 3D-Coat 3DMark Vantage 3DMark 11 Many of the launch titles will take […] Continue Reading »


A Swedish Indie Pack on Steam offers 10 games by Swedish developers in a bundle that saves customers 81%. Games in the bundle include Blueberry Garden, Bob Came in Pieces, Dwarfs!?, Hamilton’s Great Adventure, Harvest: Massive Encounter, Lead and Gold: […] Continue Reading »


Valve today announced the launch of Steam Greenlight, a new feature that allows the community to help select new game releases on the digital distribution platform. “Announced earlier this summer, Steam Greenlight allows developers and publishers to post information and […] Continue Reading »


There were several rumors circulating earlier in the day that OnLive might be shutting down. Venturebeat has confirmed that the service will continue to operate but the assets have been sold to a newly formed, unnamed company that has “substantial” […] Continue Reading »


Valve today announced that a major community update for Steam is coming soon. In typical Valve fashion new features will be announced for the next three days. Today’s reveal is the new Game Hub, which will include discussions, news, screenshots […] Continue Reading »


Nordic Games today announced the worldwide release of The Book of Unwritten Tales via major digital distribution portals. “In a world torn by war, the aged gremlin archaeologist Mortimer McGuffin discovers a reference to a legendary artefact of unimaginable power. […] Continue Reading »


Stardock today announced that Sins of a Solar Empire: Rebellion has become the fastest-selling game in the company’s history, selling over 100,000 units since its mid June release. Further, the company credits Steam for much of this success. “The game […] Continue Reading »


Valve today announced Steam Greenlight, which is a new platform feature that allows the community to help developers and publishers decide what titles to bring to Steam. “Steam Greenlight will allow developers and publishers to post information and media about […] Continue Reading » today announced plans for the holiday season, stating that sales will begin for the digital distribution portal on December 8th. " will start their holiday sales and get in the holiday spirit by putting together an incredible package deal […] Continue Reading »


CD Projekt today announced that it will be opening the DRM-free catalog to new titles next year in addition to pursuing classic titles. "Speaking to a room of investors and journalists, Managing Director Guillaume Rambourg stated, " has been […] Continue Reading »