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DICE announced Monday at E3 that a new Mirror’s Edge game is in development and will be released for PC, Xbox One and PS4. “The new Mirror’s Edge reboots the franchise for the next generation with advanced visuals and an […] Continue Reading »


Electronic Arts and Respawn Entertainment announced Titanfall at E3 on Monday, a multiplayer only first-person shooter/mech game that is currently scheduled to be released in the spring of 2014. “The universe of Titanfall juxtaposes small vs. giant, natural vs. industrial […] Continue Reading »


The Consumerist has announced that Electronic Arts has achieved a second Golden Poo award for the worst company in America. Other finalists included Ticketmaster, AT&T, Comcast and Bank of America among others. “Following last year’s surprise Worst Company In America […] Continue Reading »


Electronic Arts today announced that John Riccitiello will step down as CEO and member of the board effective March 30th. Larry Probst was chosen as the Executive Chairman to fill in until a new CEO is appointed. “We thank John […] Continue Reading »


Electronic Arts today announced that Dead Space 3 has been shipped to North American stores and is also available via its Origin service. “Dead Space 3 takes players to the edge of the psyche on a suspense-filled expedition to uncover […] Continue Reading »


Yanick Roy, studio director at BioWare Montreal added a post to the BioWare blog today revealing that his studio will be the primary developer of Mass Effect 4 and the game is being built on the Frostbite 2 engine. “To […] Continue Reading »


Electronic Arts announced yesterday that Medal of Honor Warfighter has been shipped and is now available in North American retail stores. The game releases on Friday in Europe. “Written by actual U.S. Tier 1 Operators while deployed overseas, Medal of […] Continue Reading » is reporting that Fox is working on a Battlefield: Bad Company TV series, based on the Electronic Arts game franchise, that will feature the same main characters. “Written by Eisendrath, Bad Company features the main characters from the game. […] Continue Reading »


The BioWare blog has been updated with the announcement of Operation: Alloy, a Mass Effect 3 event that will be taking place from August 24th 11AM MDT to August 26th 5AM MDT. “A training center will only take a recruit […] Continue Reading »


PopCap Games today announced that a sequel to Plants vs. Zombies is in development and is expected to launch by spring 2013. “The sequel to Plants vs. Zombies is expected to launch by late spring 2013, and will include a […] Continue Reading »


Electronic Arts today announced the release of new content to celebrate the third anniversary of Battlefield Heroes, which includes a new map and an expanded mission system. Additionally, players who log in between today and July 1st will receive two […] Continue Reading »


The E3 trailer for Crysis 3 was released today, giving viewers more of a look at the next game in the shooter series by Crytek. “Crysis 3 advances the state of the art with unparalleled visuals and dynamic shooter gameplay. […] Continue Reading »


Electronic Arts and Visceral Games today announced Dead Space 3, a new installment in the space shooter with horror elements. “After crash-landing on a hostile new planet known as Tau Volantis, hero Isaac Clarke discovers that this planet could be […] Continue Reading »


Electronic Arts today announced the launch of Command & Conquer Tiberium Alliances, a free-to-play browser-based MMO game developed by Phenomic. “In the game, players are pit against each other and against AI-controlled factions in an intense and strategic battle for […] Continue Reading »


At this stage, almost anyone interested in the Mass Effect series has finished 3 and experienced the classic symptoms of a new medical condition, the Mass Effect 3 Ending Syndrome. You know what I’m talking about: As you play, the cacophony of Internet whiners seems so silly, so overblown… you think to yourself – how bad could it be? Continue Reading »


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