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The Bethesda blog announces the launch of Dishonored in North America and France along with a review round-up. We plan on getting a review up this weekend but do have a Dishonored First Impressions article up now in the meantime. […] Continue Reading »


I’m closing in on 15 hours into Dishonored and thought I’d do a quick write up on my first impressions. I could have rushed through the game to try to get a review out by tomorrow’s release but have a […] Continue Reading »


Bohemia Interactive released an E3 trailer for "Carrier Command: Gaea Mission", a remake of the classic action game. "Carrier Command: Gaea Mission – The ground-breaking 80's classic is back in this highly-anticipated next generation experience. Players will be treated to […] Continue Reading »


Activision has announced "Secret Service," an upcoming first-person action game that puts the President’s life in gamers’ hands. "Secret Service takes place on Inauguration Day in Washington D.C. An extremist assault has been launched against the capitol – security has […] Continue Reading »