Posts Tagged ‘’ today announced the addition of Mac games to its online storefront, including The Witcher 2 among several other titles. In addition, Interplay games are on sale where customers can pay what they want. “Users of Apple computers will receive […] Continue Reading » has holding a major sale on over 30 classic Activision games. The sale goes for about 2 and a half hours from now, ending at 3:59 AM GMT. “Grab your adult diapers; it’s about to get real messy down […] Continue Reading »


CD Projekt and are holding their Summer Conference tomorrow and a new “AAA” RPG from the company will be revealed. Today, they sent out the following teaser image.  At first glance it appears that the game will be borrowing […] Continue Reading » made several big announcements today, the biggest of which is that they are giving away the original Fallout for free for 48hrs. In addition, the online portal is now taking pre-orders for Botanicula and a line of “premium edition” […] Continue Reading » today announced plans for the holiday season, stating that sales will begin for the digital distribution portal on December 8th. " will start their holiday sales and get in the holiday spirit by putting together an incredible package deal […] Continue Reading »


CD Projekt today announced that it will be opening the DRM-free catalog to new titles next year in addition to pursuing classic titles. "Speaking to a room of investors and journalists, Managing Director Guillaume Rambourg stated, " has been […] Continue Reading » today announced a new promotion with specials, price drops, etc. The large promotion on the site is directly tied to the number of games the store has sold. The user who downloads the 6 millionth game will get […] Continue Reading »


Good Old Games today announced an agreement with Ubisoft that will bring more classic games to the GOG catalog. "The first games being re-released as part of this partnership are available now. They include Might and Magic® 7: For Blood […] Continue Reading » today announced that the site is now taking pre-orders for "The Witcher 2", the upcoming follow-up to the critically acclaimed RPG by CDProjekt. "The announcement, which was made during the CD Projekt Autumn Conference, brings an incredible one-time offer […] Continue Reading »


There was a lot of internet rage out there when suddenly shut down last weekend. However, in a press conference today it was revealed that the site needed to be shut down due to technical and business issues, and […] Continue Reading »


In an unexpected turn of events the popular Good Old Games website (, which offered classic downloadable games at fair prices, shut down this weekend. The currently isn't any reason given for the closure but a message on the website […] Continue Reading »


You didn't find Carol!  She's our secret weapon.  She's the best there is at this game.  She's been hidin' a looooooong time.. That was an 'Oh Shi-!' moment – but not at the level of the 'Oh shi-!' you experience […] Continue Reading »


Good Old Games announced a distribution agreement with Activision, bringing several games from the old catalog to the digital distribution site. "With a wealth of PC-gaming gems tucked away in the Activision vaults, the deal gives all types of gamer […] Continue Reading » announced an agreement with FireFly Studios to release "Stronghold" and "Stronghold: Crusader" on the classic games digital distribution website. "Stronghold" is now available and "Stronghold: Crusader" will soon be added. "Stronghold and Stronghold: Crusader are perfect blends of city […] Continue Reading »