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Bohemia Interactive posted an interview with Pavel Guglava, the lead artist responsible for overall color and lighting settings in the upcoming sequel. “In the spotlight this week is Pavel ‘Gugla’ Guglava, who’s responsible for the overall colour and lighting settings […] Continue Reading »


7DCD started their podcast off with a bang, roping in Gabe Newell for a lengthy interview.  The interview covers CS: GO, Defense of the Ancients 2, the recent Tim Cook rumors, augmented reality, gaming hardware, MetaCritic scores, Valve’s management structure, […] Continue Reading »


Forbes posted an interview with Notch and Jakob Porser, of Mojang, on Friday. The interview begins with the basics and background of Minecraft and also discusses Scrolls a bit. Here is one of the questions on Scrolls: "Can you tell […] Continue Reading »


While it may seem that we here at Pixels or Death are overflowing with negativity, this is not at all the case.  The truth is, we do like things.  Sometimes, we like things a lot.  Supergiant Games’ Summer of Arcade […] Continue Reading »


Recently, I had the chance to speak with Mario Rizzo, Game Director at Acony Games, about the new upcoming MMOFPS Hedone. I want to thank Mario for taking the time to speak with us. You can sign up for the […] Continue Reading »


Steve Sinclair, Creative Director at Digital Extremes (Unreal Tournament, BioShock 2, Dark Sector, The Darkness II) talks about the highly anticipated new Star Trek game with us. The game is a follow up to the JJ Abrams film and allows […] Continue Reading »


Valve today announced the release of "Portal 2 – The Final Hours" on Steam, which shows the story behind the development process. It includes photos, videos, interviews, etc. "The Final Hour of Portal 2 takes you deep within the top-secret […] Continue Reading »


As I mention below, the Hearts of Iron derivative market will soon be even fuller than it already is. As a partial attempt to help some confused Paradoxians navigate the confusing and crowded spinoff market I sent some questions to […] Continue Reading »


Paradox Interactive today released a video interview with Mattias Lilja, executive producer, discussing several elements of "Majesty 2: Battles of Ardania", the upcoming expansion. "Bear witness to the many regal aspects of gameplay in Majesty 2: Battles of Ardania including […] Continue Reading »


Recently, I spoke with Tim Willits, Lead Designer at id Software. Tim was kind enough to take a few moments from to discuss Rage, the highly anticipated upcoming new intellectual property. Questions from Gareth Von Kallenbach Skewed and Reviewed 1. […] Continue Reading »


EA released a new video interview with Nathan Camarillo, executive producer of "Crysis 2". "In Crysis 2, the aliens have returned with a full invasion force bent on nothing less than the total annihilation of mankind. In New York, terrifying […] Continue Reading »


Recently, I spoke with Craig Zinkievich, Executive Producer of Star Trek Online. Craig was kind enough to take a few moments from his busy schedule to talk about what gamers can look forward to in future updates for the game. […] Continue Reading »


Recently, I had the chance to speak with Chris Taylor about the upcoming Supreme Commander 2, which is poised to take real-time strategy gaming to a new level. I want to thank Chris for taking the time to answer my […] Continue Reading »


Recently I got to speak to Tim Jones, Head of Art and Design at Rebellion, about the new Alien Vs Predator game which is highly anticipated by fans the world over. I want to thank Tim and Denny at Sega […] Continue Reading »


Recently, I got to speak with the team behind the upcoming 3d Shooter Section 8. I want to thank TimeGate for taking the time to answer our questions and to Jay at Sandbox for arranging the interview Questions from Gareth […] Continue Reading »