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Sony Online Entertainment today announced that an open beta for Scars of the Awakened for EverQuest II has begun. “In this latest update, residents of Norrath are called to journey deeper into the perilous continent of Velious. Players will march […] Continue Reading »


Paradox Interactive today announced that Open Beta test for Salem has begun. The game can be downloaded from the official site. “In Salem, players can step into the well-worn boots of brave pilgrims, arriving in a fledgling settlement and attempting […] Continue Reading »


The Elder Scrolls Online site has been updated with the announcement that interested players can now register for the upcoming beta. Additionally, a new cinematic trailer was released. “You can now officially sign up for The Elder Scrolls Online beta […] Continue Reading »


Funcom today announced that subscriptions to The Secret World are no longer required, players just have to purchase the game. Content additions in the future will be an optional purchase and there is still a membership option available, which gives […] Continue Reading »


Dark Vale Games today announced the release of FORGE, a high-action MMORPG. “In FORGE, a malicious being named The Devourer has swallowed the great pantheon of gods.  Seeking escape, the trapped gods turn great warriors into zealous adherents and place them […] Continue Reading »


A developer diary trailer for The Elder Scrolls Online was released today, giving viewers an introduction to the upcoming MMO. “Check out our first video of The Elder Scrolls Online—a documentary-style introduction to the game, presented by members of The […] Continue Reading »


A new gameplay video for Darkfall: Unholy Wars was released today, giving viewers a look at the upcoming PvP MMORPG. “Darkfall: Unholy Wars is a fast-paced, PvP MMORPG with full loot. Players are called to form clans and battle for […] Continue Reading »


Sony Online Entertainment announced at its annual SOE Live fan event that PlanetSide 2 will launch in North America and Europe on November 20th. “A free-to-play title with optional content available for purchase in the marketplace, PlanetSide 2 offers an unprecedented gaming […] Continue Reading »


Blizzard Entertainment today announced the launch of Mists of Pandaria, the latest expansion to the hugely popular MMORPG World of Warcraft. “In World of Warcraft: Mists of Pandaria, warships of the Alliance and Horde clash off the coast of a […] Continue Reading »


Sony Online Entertainment today announced the Player Studio, a new featured added to the EverQuest games that allows players to create in-game items and sell them in the marketplace. In addition, new EverQuest: Rain of Fear and EverQuest II: Chins […] Continue Reading »


The Guild Wars 2 website has been updated with the announcement of the Guild Wars 2 launch. “Enter the ever-changing fantasy world of Tyria, where you control the story and your actions shape the world around you! With action-oriented combat, […] Continue Reading »


Gala Networks Europe today announced that a new add-on titled Phoenix has been launched for Dragonica, the free-to-play MMORPG. “Upon entering Dragonica, the complete graphics overhaul is the most striking change in the Phoenix update, giving the game an enhanced […] Continue Reading »


gamingo today announced that a “game-changing” expansion was released for King of Kings 3 yesterday, which is titled Divine Rebirth. “The add-on, entitled ‘Divine Rebirth’, allows long-time players to take their characters to new heights with new maps, quests and […] Continue Reading »


Funcom and EA Partners today announced the worldwide launch of The Secret World. “The Secret World is the first MMO set in a real, modern-day world where every conspiracy theory, fable and urban legend is true. The power to rule […] Continue Reading »


NCsoft and ArenaNet today announced that the highly anticipated Guild Wars 2 will launch in both North America and Europe on August 28th. “Building on sales of more than 7 million units of the original game, Guild Wars 2 redefines […] Continue Reading »


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