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Valve today announced the release of the Steam client for Linux and a new sale, with discounts from 50-75% on 50 Linux games, to celebrate the release. The client is available to download from the Ubuntu Software Center and it […] Continue Reading »


The Steam Holiday Sale has begun and will run until January 5th. “This year, we’ve taken some of the guesswork out of when your favorite games will be on sale.  You may now organize your Steam Wishlist and be notified […] Continue Reading »


A new Humble Indie Bundle is now available, which features The Binding of Isaac, Closure, Shank 2, Snapshot, Indie Game: The Movie, 5 game soundtracks, and Dungeon Defenders and Legend of Gimrock if you pay more than the average. “These […] Continue Reading »


Valve today announced the launch of the anticipated Steam Big Picture mode, which allows gamers to play PC games in front of a big screen television. To celebrate the launch, over thirty controller friendly games are discounted up to 75% […] Continue Reading »


A new Humble Bundle is now available and for this collection the company has moved in a different direction, featuring 7 major titles by THQ. The THQ Humble Bundle includes Darksiders, Metro 2033, Red Faction: Armageddon, Company of Heroes, Company […] Continue Reading »


Valve today announced the start of The Autumn Sale, which will run through the 26th. “Today’s Daily Deals Include: XCOM: Enemy Unknown Magic: The Gathering The Walking Dead Darksiders II Age of Empires III Complete Terraria Please note that new […] Continue Reading »


Valve today announced that a Steam Halloween sale has begun and will run through October 31st. Over 80 titles are discounted including: Left 4 Dead and Left 4 Dead 2 (75%) Dead Space (75%) Fallout 3: Game of the Year […] Continue Reading » today announced the addition of Mac games to its online storefront, including The Witcher 2 among several other titles. In addition, Interplay games are on sale where customers can pay what they want. “Users of Apple computers will receive […] Continue Reading » has holding a major sale on over 30 classic Activision games. The sale goes for about 2 and a half hours from now, ending at 3:59 AM GMT. “Grab your adult diapers; it’s about to get real messy down […] Continue Reading »


Humble Indie Bundle 6 has launched, which includes Dustforce, Rochard, Shatter, S.P.A.Z., Torchlight and Vessel. “Six mind-blowing games. Humble Indie Bundle 6 features six fantastic titles and five breathtaking soundtracks. Name your price and dive into the critically acclaimed action-RPG […] Continue Reading »


A Swedish Indie Pack on Steam offers 10 games by Swedish developers in a bundle that saves customers 81%. Games in the bundle include Blueberry Garden, Bob Came in Pieces, Dwarfs!?, Hamilton’s Great Adventure, Harvest: Massive Encounter, Lead and Gold: […] Continue Reading »


GamersGate today announced IndieFort Bundle 3, allowing customers to pick a certain number of titles to purchase, depending on the package chosen, out of 24 total games. In addition, a competition on the GamersGate Facebook page allows fans to vote […] Continue Reading »


A demo for E.Y.E: Divine Cybermancy has been released on Steam and the game is 60% off during the Summer Sale. “As a member of the strange secret society E.Y.E, you wake up after a fight in which your fellow […] Continue Reading »


The highly anticipated Steam Summer Sale has begun and will run through July 22nd. Valve is also incorporating a new voting feature that allows users to vote on what sale should come next, with a current option of three titles. […] Continue Reading »


The Steam Summer Sale usually begins at the end of June, which has some people wondering if there will be one at all this summer. Well, fret not because Mike Blaszczak, software engineer at Valve, has responded to a thread […] Continue Reading »


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