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Knights of Pen and Paper is the first meta-RPG I’ve seen. Meta? Well, you don’t just play characters in a fantasy world, you play characters that play characters in a fantasy world. The main screen has your team of players sitting around a table, talking to the gamemaster. Continue Reading »


Positech Games today announced Democracy 3, the latest in the political simulation series. “A lot has changed in the world of politics since Positech first suffered the mental anguish of programming Democracy 2. We have had a global credit crunch […] Continue Reading »


Paradox Interactive and VSTEP today announced the release of free Customs Vessel DLC for Ship Simulator Extremes in celebration of the game’s second anniversary. “‘Customs Vessel’ tasks players with the role of a maritime customs officer, responsible for upholding the […] Continue Reading » today anounced that Railworks 3: Train Simulator 2012 will include a Steam Workshop, which will allow users to create game content and share it with others. “The Steam Workshop functionality will be fully integrated into the game so players […] Continue Reading »


Paradox Interactive and VSTEP today announced that Ship Simulator Extremes Collection will released next week on June 19th. “The most complete Ship Simulator game to date, Ship Simulator Extremes Collection includes the acclaimed Ship Simulator Extremes along with ALL previously […] Continue Reading »


Paradox Interactive and Colossal Order today announced that Cities in Motion: U.S. Cities, an upcoming expansion scheduled to be released on the 17th of this month, will add San Francisco and New York. Both cities will be available to play […] Continue Reading »


Focus Home Interactive today released an official trailer for Cities XL 2012, giving viewers more of a look at the upcoming next installment in the city building series. The game is set to be released tomorrow. "With more than one […] Continue Reading »


Paradox Interactive and VSTEP today announced the release of a free DLC pack for Ship Simulator Extremes to celebrate the game's first anniversary. "In Harbor Pilot, players will experience the pressures and responsibilities of a Maritime Pilot, reflecting the real-life […] Continue Reading »


Responding to all the bad press from last week Ubisoft today announced on its forum that a patch for From Dust will be released in approximately two weeks that will remove online authentication. "We recognize that one of our posts […] Continue Reading »


From Dust was released for PC today and is now available. That being said, there are some big controversies surrounding the PC version of the game. Will From Dust be the last straw for Ubisoft games on the PC? The […] Continue Reading »


EA Play today announced the launch of The Sims Social on Facebook, which is available globally. The Sims Social builds on the popular series and allows you to play the "browser-based" game with your real friends on Facebook. "The Sims […] Continue Reading »


Electronic Arts today announced FIFA Manager 12, the next installment in the sports management series in development at Bright Future. "The 11th edition of the football management simulation will include features inspired and determined by the community, in addition to […] Continue Reading »


Focus Home Interactive today announced "Cities XL 2012", a new installment in the city building simulation series. "Cities XL 2012 allows players to become real urban planners, balancing economic & energy developments of their cities while managing transportation, housing, social […] Continue Reading »


Paradox Interactive today announced the release of "Cities in Motion: Tokyo", a new expansion in the series by Colossal Order. "Welcome to Tokyo, Japan’s largest and capital city. The citizens of this sprawling metropolis await your transit guidance and expertise. […] Continue Reading »


The Sims always has been a classic sandbox game. The addictive allure of the game is that there were no rules. You could play nurturingly, guiding your Sims through a career ladder doing everything you can to make them successful and reaping the rewards, or you could play as a complete bastard, walling off the front door, letting the fridge empty and the toilets overflow, and watching the occupants slowly go crazy and die. Continue Reading »


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