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Valve today announced Steam Trading Cards, a new rewards program for customers. “Released in beta today, Steam Trading Cards allows customers to earn Steam rewards for playing the games they love. Those who participate will receive game-specific trading cards that […] Continue Reading »


TimeGate Studios today announced MINIMUM, an upcoming free-to-play shooter that will be moving into a closed alpha test on Steam on April 16th. “We’ve been waiting for months to lift the curtains and show the world what we’ve been working […] Continue Reading »


Valve today announced the addition of an experimental virtual reality mode for Team Fortress 2, which will support the Oculus Rift. “Anyone with an Oculus Rift Developer Kit will be able to use their device to play all of Team […] Continue Reading »


Valve today announced that Counter-Strike: Condition Zero is the latest game in the Valve catalog to make its Linux debut. “CS:CZ is the fifth Valve title to be released for Linux and, with its release, pushes the total number of […] Continue Reading »


The 5th Android Humble Bundle has been released, which is also available for Windows, Mac and Linux. This bundle includes Beat Hazard Ultra, Dynamite Jack, Solar 2, NightSky, and Super Hexagon and Dungeon Defenders if you pay more than the […] Continue Reading »


As promised, the Arma 3 alpha version is now available for purchase on Steam. “Purchase the Arma 3 Alpha now to receive immediate access to the Alpha, 3 Alpha Lite invites for your friends (available March 14th to June 18th […] Continue Reading »


Valve today announced the fifth set of games and software to make it through the Steam Greenlight program. “Over 70 titles have advanced through Steam Greenlight and been offered Steam distribution agreements since Greenlight launched in August of last year. […] Continue Reading »


Arcen Games today announced the launch of A Valley Without Wind 2 on Steam, which is available for both PC and Mac. “Valley 2 combines an old school platform adventure with a robust turn-based strategy portion. Though the game is […] Continue Reading »


Valve today announced the release of the Steam client for Linux and a new sale, with discounts from 50-75% on 50 Linux games, to celebrate the release. The client is available to download from the Ubuntu Software Center and it […] Continue Reading »


Paradox Interactive today announced that Crusader Kings II for Linux is now available on Steam and additional titles are in development. “Heralded as one of the best strategy games of 2012, Crusader Kings II explores one of the defining eras […] Continue Reading »


Valve today announced the release of Steam Guides, which allows players to share guides, walkthroughts and tips. “Steam Guides lets players create and share guides, walkthroughs, and tips for their favorite games or software to help others who might be […] Continue Reading »


NVIDIA today announced “Project Shield“, an upcoming handheld Android gaming device that is designed to be an open platform, running Android games, PC games and will have a Steam game library. “Created with the philosophy that gaming should be open […] Continue Reading »


The Steam Holiday Sale has begun and will run until January 5th. “This year, we’ve taken some of the guesswork out of when your favorite games will be on sale.  You may now organize your Steam Wishlist and be notified […] Continue Reading »


Dark Vale Games today announced the release of FORGE, a high-action MMORPG. “In FORGE, a malicious being named The Devourer has swallowed the great pantheon of gods.  Seeking escape, the trapped gods turn great warriors into zealous adherents and place them […] Continue Reading »


Valve today announced the launch of the anticipated Steam Big Picture mode, which allows gamers to play PC games in front of a big screen television. To celebrate the launch, over thirty controller friendly games are discounted up to 75% […] Continue Reading »


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