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Electronic Arts today announced that Dead Space 3 has been shipped to North American stores and is also available via its Origin service. “Dead Space 3 takes players to the edge of the psyche on a suspense-filled expedition to uncover […] Continue Reading »


Rockstar Games announced the release of the Painful Memories multiplayer 3 for Max Payne 3, which adds four maps, two new avatar factions and several new arsenal items. “The pack is now available for 800 Microsoft Points on Xbox LIVE […] Continue Reading »


Square Enix today anounced that Hitman: Absolution has been shipped and is now available everywhere. “This is a very proud day for us here at Square Enix. The hard work has paid off and we’re finally able to see HITMAN: […] Continue Reading »


Ubisoft today announced the release of the first content pack for Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Online, which features a new Contest mode map, six new weapon variants, three new headgear variants and two new body armor variants. “Set in a […] Continue Reading »


2K Games today announced the North American release of Spec Ops: The Line. The game will ship internationally on Friday. “Developed by YAGER, Spec Ops: The Line features an intense single-player narrative that unfolds within Dubai after a series of […] Continue Reading »


Spec Ops: The Line ships today and 2K Games has kindly given us a few extra Steam Keys for a giveaway. We’re going to do this via Twitter so be sure to follow @cpu_gamer and check for a tweet around […] Continue Reading »


“A Max Payne game by not-Remedy? Such dribble. I do not condone such sacrilegious language. Such a sequence of words is and forever will be prohibited,” you spit out to the Internet. “Yes, yes, yes,” the Internet says. A loud […] Continue Reading »


2K Games today released a demo for Spec Ops: The Line on Steam, giving players a chance to try out the upcoming third-person shooter that introduces a new storyline to the series. “Experience Spec Ops: The Line as you play […] Continue Reading »


The Rockstar Games blog has been updated with word of a new patch that will be issued tonight in response to community feedback. “Issues fixed by tonight’s patch are below. Our goal is to get everyone up and running as […] Continue Reading »


2K Today released a new trailer for Spec Ops: The Line, the upcoming revival of the old shooter series. “Spec Ops: The Line unfolds within the destroyed opulence of Dubai. Once the playground for the world’s wealthiest elite, Dubai has […] Continue Reading »


Taking place fifty years after the events of Red Faction: Guerilla, Armageddon tells the story of Darius Mason, Grandson of Alec Mason from Guerilla. Armageddon deals with a terror attack by the enigmatic Nathan Hale that ends up destroying Mars’ […] Continue Reading »


THQ today released new details on "Warhammer 40,000: Space Marine", announcing that the game will feature Orks and the forces of Chaos. In addition, a release date of August 2011 was revealed. "Space Marine puts players into the role of […] Continue Reading »


Eurogamer has a new interview posted with Eric Barker, studio manger at Volition, who states that despite the risks of piracy a custom version of a game should always be developed for the PC and not just ported. Here are […] Continue Reading »


I've always considered Dead Space's association with survival-horror to be a funny one. When the act of shooting is inherently awesome, how does anything about Dead Space fit the bill of survival-horror? For the sense of nastiness and atmosphere the […] Continue Reading »


Electronic Arts today announced that a "Dead Space 2" demo will launch on the 21st worldwide, giving players a chance to try out the upcoming sequel. The game is currently scheduled to be released in January. "In the Dead Space […] Continue Reading »