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Bohemia Interactive announced that DayZ, the popular zombie ARMA 2: Combined Operations modification, is being developed as a standalone PC game. Dean Hall, lead developer of the mod, posted this on the dev blog: “That’s right, this is actually happening […] Continue Reading »


Bohemia Interactive today announced that patch version 1.62 for Arma 2, which brings several fixes to the game’s multipler and will make zombie hunts less prone to crashes. The other highlights of version 1.62 are: Multiplayer optimizations, security and server […] Continue Reading »


Bantam today announced that it will be publishing "Dead Island", a novel based on the upcoming game of the same name. The novel is scheduled to be released simultaneously with the game. "Dead Island™, the upcoming gruesome zombie action game […] Continue Reading »


The "Left 4 Dead Survival Pack" DLC has been released to PC and 360 game owners, updating the popular FPS by Valve that was released last November. In addition, both the retail and Steam versions of the game (PC and […] Continue Reading »


Valve announced the release of a new update for "Left 4 Dead", which includes fixes, tweaks, and new features. This update will be applied automatically via Steam for PC players. Changelist: General Fixed Survivors being able to climb surfaces marked […] Continue Reading »


Valve provides a little more insight into what is undoubtedly, at least in my mind, one of the best games of ’08. It continues from the first post on art direction, and this time Valve delves into how they played […] Continue Reading »