New Releases September 1st, 2009

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Ugh, is it already September? Here’s the list of new PC game releases, DVD and Blu-Ray releases, and movies opening the week of August 31st, 2009.

PC Games:

Movies Opening This Week:

  • All About Steve
  • Carriers
  • Extract
  • Gamer
  • No Impact: The Documentary (limited NYC)

DVD and Blu-Ray Releases:

  • All in the Family: Complete First Season
  • Braveheart [Blu-Ray]
  • Bring it On: Fight to the Finish
  • Brothers and Sisters: The Complete Third Season
  • C.S.I. Crime Scene Investigation: The Complete Ninth Season
  • Desperate Housewives: The Complete Fifth Season
  • Disney Nature Earth [Blu-Ray]
  • Fate Stay Night
  • Gladiator [Blu-Ray]
  • Heroes: Season 3 [Blu-Ray]
  • Impact
  • Lilacs in the Spring
  • M*A*S*H [Blu-Ray]
  • Monster [Blu-Ray]
  • Rescue Me: Season 5, Vol. 1
  • Russell Simmons Presents Brave New Voices
  • Shaun the Sheep: Little Sheep of Horrors
  • Sin Nombre
  • State of Play
  • State of Play [Blu-Ray]
  • Sugar [Blu-Ray]
  • Supernatural: The Complete Fourth Season [Blu-Ray]
  • Tennessee
  • Terry Fator: Live from Las Vegas
  • The Ascent of Money: The Financial History of the World
  • The Evil That Men Do
  • The Girl Next Door [Blu-Ray]
  • TMC Greatest Classic Films Collection: Horror
  • TMC Greatest Classic Films Collection: Murder Mysteries
  • TMC Greatest Classic Films Collection: Science Fiction
  • Two and a Half Men: The Complete Sixth Season

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